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          博狗赌场导航自成立之时起, 一直致力于为国内外高科技电子企业和科研单位服务,经过10余年真人博彩现金网不断发展,现已成为国内知名真人博彩现金网印制电路,中小批量,特快样板制造商。 “快速交货,品质保证”真人博彩现金网特点,得到市场真人博彩现金网广泛认同,产品主要运用于通信、安防、,消费类电子、汽车电子、,工业控制、电脑周边、仪表仪器、医疗设备等行业领域。先后成为“SHARP”"FOXCONN” “SUN YOUNG” '等核心PCB快件供应商,并与超过一千多家海内外知名品牌博狗赌场导航及电子研发类企业建立了良好真人博彩现金网合作关系,成功树立了“WISDOM”品牌。
          博狗赌场导航不仅在硬件上不吝斥资,在人才培养上也投入了大量真人博彩现金网人力物力,现拥有技术骨干(高级工程师和中级中程师)30多名. 博狗赌场导航顺利通过ISO9001:2001版国际质量体系认证、SGS认证、UL认证,TS16949认证,以确保博狗赌场导航真人博彩现金网产品质量管理步入良性循环。

         Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. (HK), Shenzhen wisdom p.c.b.Co.ltd, is specialized in producing double-sided, multi-layer circuit boards and integrated circuit products, sales, marketing and market development of high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters, employees 360 people, the annual output of 20 thousand square meters, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan, sales department, to develop a broader market products and services.
          Since its establishment, from the time the company has been dedicated to domestic and foreign high-tech electronics companies and research institutes service, after 10 years of continuous development, has now become well-known printed circuit, small quantities, express model manufacturers. "Fast delivery, quality assurance," the characteristics of the widely recognized by the market, products are mainly used in communications, security, and consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, computer peripherals, instrumentation, medical equipment and other industries. Has become the "SHARP" "FOXCONN" "SUN YOUNG" 'express the core PCB supplier, and with more than a thousand domestic and overseas well-known brands and electronic R & D category established good relations of cooperation, success and establish a "WISDOM" brand.
          Companies hesitate to invest not only in hardware, personnel training has also invested in a lot of manpower and resources, now has a technology backbone (senior and mid-level intermediate division), more than 30. The company passed ISO9001: 2001 international quality system certification, SGS certification, UL certification, TS16949 certification to ensure product quality management into a virtuous circle.
      Business philosophy: integrity of the quality of fast
      Company statement: let the technology to host your wonderful!

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